About Us


Virgoz Oils and Fats was incorporated in September 2004 in Singapore as a global distributor specializing in palm oil products and all its derivative. With management experience of more than 30 years in the industry, Virgoz Oils and Fats ensure the integrity, security and satisfaction to all our business partner around the world.

Virgoz Oils and Fats covers whole range of products of palm oil; from the raw material Crude Palm Oil to Cooking oil, Specialty Fats, Fatty Acid product and Bio-diesel.

Shipment can be done by bulk shipment or packing in containers depending on the customer requirements to numerous destinations worldwide with reliable shipment schedule and operational excellence.

With our knowledge, skills and experience, we supply only the best quality products, offering economic opportunities to all our business partner. All products source from manufactures processes that adhere to the strictest international standards, while embracing the commitment and respect to surrounding habitat, social and environmental responsibilities.